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With the winter sports season upon us we usually see an increase in knee injuries in the community.

The knee  is a hinge joint that produces bending and straightening movements and is held together with ligaments and controlled by muscles in the thigh and buttocks regions. It is the largest joint in the body. Knees play an essential role in carrying our body weight and allowing us mobility, therefore they are vulnerable to acute injury and later on in life to degenerative change (arthritis).

Pain and injury can arise from various structures in and aroud the knee. These problems can range from mild discomfort to severe, requiring surgery for torn ligaments. Most injuries do not need surgery but will respond very well to expert Physiotherapy care. When you get pain in the knee the first important step is to get your knee assessed and once a diagnosis has been made, treatment commenced so as you can return to your sports and activities as quickly as possible with the knowledge that you will be able to perform in a safe and painfree manner.

Our Phyiotherapists will assess, diagnose, treat and get you back moving  normally as fast as possible. They can also teach you ways to help the problems recurring in the future.

Published in: “The Village Observer” May, 2012, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.