Find Dedicated Professionals for Your Knee Injury Assessment in Lane Cove

Knee injuries are common, especially for elite level athletes. Whether it’s a sprain, strain, or something even more serious, you need to ensure you are getting proper care from an experienced, dedicated physiotherapist. Proper care leads to proper healing, and proper healing leads to getting you back to doing the physical activity you love. If you experience prolonged knee pain, you need to discuss this with a physiotherapist and get a thorough assessment to figure out what the injury is. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we offer knee injury assessments for Lane Cove patients.

The first step is diagnosing the injury. After our team works with you and provides a comprehensive evaluation, we can advise on the next step of treatment or further referral if surgery is needed. We also offer post-surgery rehabilitation, something we are extremely experienced in and can help you get back to full function. Your knees shouldn’t keep you from playing the sport you love, and our goal is to get and keep them healthy.

Whether your injury is due to something that happened during your sport or is longer term pain resulting from prolonged physical activity, our professionals can diagnose and find the best way to treat you. Even if your pain is debilitating, we can help.

Since 1996, Burns Bay Physiotherapy has offered a friendly, caring, professional environment run by two musculoskeletal physiotherapists with decades of experience. If you need a knee injury assessment in the Lane Cove area, please give us a call and let us help you figure out the reasons for your pain.


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