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This is the time of year, when lots of families are signing children up for winter sport or restarting school sport after the summer break. Sport is an incredibly important component for our health and well-being. Habits formed when we are young help into our future. 

A recent study showed Australian school students are amongst the least active in the world. 9 out of 10 children fall below the recommended activity level. The Australian Government guidelines recommend 5-17 year olds do a minimum of 60 minutes moderate to vigorous exercise every day. More exercise is considered better. Exercise helps promote not just healthy muscles and bones but also healthy minds, co-ordination, eating habits and social skills.

Exercise can be either structured or non-structured, such as walking or riding to school.  For most children, a variety of activities works best. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we are passionate about keeping Lane Cove residents healthy so as they can continue with their sport and activity. We understand sport, pain and movement. We can help you get back to sport quickly after both minor and major injuries that can happen with exercise. We can also help with advice for prevention of injuries.

Published in ‘The Village Observer”, March, 2019. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy