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It is 20 years since Burns Bay Physiotherapy began. This milestone has given us a chance to reflect on the last two decades.

Looking back allows us to realise how much research has taken place over this time in the two fields of Physiotherapy and pain. With our strong focus on continuing education , our many years of clinical experience and our ongoing search for excellence, we have been able to bring these changes into our approach to treatments. This means helping you, the customer to get better outcomes in a shorter period of time.

People still ask if they need a referral to see us – the answer is no. In fact most of our new clients are via word of mouth from other happy clients.

Looking forward, we aim to continue providing the highest possible level of care for people with musculoskeletal pain. We take the time to listen to you and we are thorough in our assessment., determining what factors are contributing to your problem. We use hands on techniques to treat and work with you to achieve the outcomes you are looking for in the short and long term.

Published in “The Village Observer”, March, 2016, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.