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As Physiotherapists, we see a wide variety of physical conditions every day. For people who have never seen a physiotherapist before, they are often unsure whether physiotherapy can help them.

Some people think they have to be in significant pain before they see a physiotherapist. This is definitely not the case. In reality we see people who have significant pain, moderate pain and others with niggling pains or stiffness. All of these issues are equally valid reasons to visit a physiotherapist.

For some people, they feel their body or part of their body is just not working as freely as it normally does. They will often describe themselves as needing a ‘grease and oil change’ .

Having a grease and oil change type of treatment involves loosening off tight muscles and joints. This can be a very effective way of making movement and quality of life significantly better.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we are equally able to treat severe or minor pains as it is all about improving your quality of life so you can enjoy the things that you need to and want to do in life.