How long does the appointment take?
Initial consultations take longer than follow up consultations.  At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we know spending more time at the beginning to hear your story and perform a detailed assessment gives you better long-term outcomes. It saves you time and money in the long run.

Initial consultations with Ann are for 60 minutes.

Initial consultations with Jill, Kirsty and  Andrew are for 45 minutes. If you feel your condition requires more time, please let us know.

Subsequent consultations can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending upon your preferences and the complexity of your condition. You can discuss your preference with your physiotherapist.

Fees are time based. Each of our physiotherapists charge different fees. Their fees are dependent on their years of experience and qualifications.

Initial Consultation                                               30 minute consultations

Andrew           $180     45 mins                                 Andrew     $120

Kirsty               $180     45 mins                                Kirsty         $120

Jill                    $190     45 mins                                Jill              $125

Ann                  $280     60 mins                                  Ann            $140

Please ring our friendly receptionist on 94278333  for her to book a suitable appointment time.

What happens when I see the Physiotherapist ?
Your Physiotherapist will take time to listen to your story and then take you through a systemised process to understand your problem and how it affects you and your life. Your Physiotherapist will then perform a comprehensive physical assessment to understand all factors that can be contributing to your problem. They will use these findings to customise your treatment to you and work with you towards your goals.  They will also help with teaching you ways to help with self care with exercises, posture etc. 
Why do I need to fill out the forms?
We attempt to send you some forms to fill out prior to your first visit. This informs us of your condition and your current goals from Physiotherapy. Spending some time to think about your answers and sending them back via email to us prior to your appointment, helps us to help you. If you want to also speak to your physiotherapist before your visit, please let us know. We are happy to talk to you on the phone. 
Do I need a Doctor's referral?
Most people do not need a Doctor’s referral.  You do need a referral if

  • you have had a a workplace injury requiring Physiotherapy
  • you have had a motor vehicle accident requiring Physiotherapy
  • you are covered by Veteran’s Affairs
  • you are under the Enhanced Primary Care Program.
Should I bring my x-rays?
Yes. Please bring any relevant x-rays, scans, ultrasounds and reports to the first appointment. It is O.K. if you do not have any of these. If we consider that you need further investigations, we will discuss this with you during your treatment time.
I hurt myself at work, what do I need to do before coming to the Physiotherapist?
If you have injured yourself at work, you need to report the injury to your workplace and visit your G.P. The G.P. will fill out a workcover certificate and refer you to Physiotherapy. You are entitled to ask the G.P.to refer you to your Physiotherapist of choice.   If you need further information please go to SIRA website

As with all injuries, the sooner you start treatment, the better.

Workplace injuries are covered  by your employer’s insurance company. You will need to give us details about your employer and their insurance company. We also need the claim number from the insurance company. We can then bill the insurance company for the cost of your physiotherapy treatments needed for you to return to work.

I hurt myself in a car accident, what do I need to do before coming to the Physiotherapist?
If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident and want to claim your physiotherapy treatment through the insurance, you will need to go to the G.P. to get a referral for physiotherapy before starting treatment.

You are entitled to ask your G.P. to send you to your Physiotherapist of choice.

The green slip insurance company of the car which is at fault is responsible for the payments of your Physiotherapy treatments. We need details of that insurance company as well as your claim number and the date of the accident. Once we have these details confirmed we can organise for the bills to go directly to the insurance company. Most people do not require a lawyer to be involved with their claim.

If you need further information please go to SIRA website

As with all injuries, the sooner you start treatment, the better.

Why not call Burns Bay Physiotherapy on 94278333.

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