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Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of cycling include cardiovascular fitness as well as effective leg strengthening in a low load environment. For people with knee pain, cycling is an excellent way of strengthening your leg muscles and controlling your weight whilst not placing a high load on your knee. These benefits can be obtained at home on a stationary bike, at the gym or getting outside on a bike. Outdoor bikes include town bikes, designed to ride to the local shops, mountain bikes or road bikes.

For those of you who are serious road cylclists or triathletes, maximizing your performance and minimizing your pains is of utmost imortance to you. We recognise your desire to have your bike and your body working as one and have now added an extra level of bike fitting service once a month. We continue to offer the regular physiotherapy assessment and bike fit service we have always offered. Now, once a month we will be offering a 3- D video and computerised Retul bike fit with a trained Retul technician Daniel Bain. This will be in conjunction with a full physiotherapy assessment. Retul is the most accurate dynamic bike fitting tool available worldwide with millimetre measurement precision. For more information www.retul.com

When booking a bike fit, please indicate which type of bike fit you require.

Published in “The Village Observer”,  August 2012, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.