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Congratulations to the Village Observer for serving the community of Lane Cove so admirably for the last 20 years. Burns Bay Physiotherapy has been serving the community of Lane Cove for 16 1/2 of those years. In that time we have been writing articles in  The Village Observer trying to educate people on issues involving musculoskeletal care and wellbeing. In the clinical setting we have been keeping Lane Cove residents moving to the best of their abilities by reducing pain and improving quality of life.

Being able to perform the activities you wish to do in a day with ease and confidence is something that we take for granted when all is well. Restoring movement to improve quality of life is what we at Burns Bay Physiotherapy pride ourselves on doing every day. Our Physiotherapists are post graduate trained in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy so you know you are in good, experienced hands. The most common statement our patients make is ” I should have come earlier, I feel so much better now”

We look forward to serving the Lane Cove community and keeping them moving freely for many years to come.

Published in “The Village Observer”, August, 2013. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.