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Often a computer mouse ends up wandering across a desk. Initially a stray mouse will not cause issues. In the long term, the user can develop pain  in the arm or neck region. The problem tends to build gradually and in some cases causes significant problems.

A well behaved mouse needs to live close to the body. The best place to position your mouse is to sit yourself with your elbow resting in line with your shoulder and hip and bent at a 90 degree angle, then position your mouse in front or close to in front of your elbow. This position will stop you over reaching. It is the long term static reach that loads your neck, shoulder and forearm muscles and can produce pain. The more you use your mouse, the more important it is to get your position correct. A good way to prevent problems is to keep your mouse in a box, either blutac your mouse pad down or build a barrier with packing tape to keep your mouse contained.

Published in “The Village Observer” , May 2014, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.