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With the Christmas season fast approaching, life can get stressful with multiple deadlines to be met. We often see an increase in people’s pain at this time of year as the combination of stress and pains that have remained unresolved during the year, take their toll.

January in contrast can be a quieter time with less work and time pressures. This means that January is a fantastic time to attend to your own health. It can be an ideal time to start exercising for your general health. It is also an ideal time to get to the bottom of your musculoskeletal pains and niggles. When people are juggling work and family commitments, it is often difficult to fit in back to back Physiotherapy appointments. Without as many time pressures, it is often easier to have your appointments closer together. We find when clients have their appointments concentrated like this they save themselves time and money and have better long term outcomes.

Giving someone you care about a Burns Bay Physiotherapy gift certificate for a Christmas present can be a good option.

Published in “The Village Observer”, December, 2015. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.