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Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of cycling include cardiovascular fitness as well as effective leg strengthening in a low load environment. For people with knee pain, cycling is an excellent way of strengthening your leg muscles and controlling your weight whilst not placing a high load on your knee. Continue reading

Knee Pain

With the winter sports season upon us we usually see an increase in knee injuries in the community. Continue reading

Ankle Injuries and Patellofemoral Pain

Information on common ankle and knee  injuries in sport, from the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Physio in Practice – Ankle Injuries Patellofemoral Pain


Shoulder injuries are notoriously painful. Shoulders are also very important in everyday function of life. Continue reading

Active For Summer

Exercise information from the Australain Physiotherapy Association.

2012 Physio For You – Active for Summer

Bare Foot Running

Many of you would have read some of the recent articles on Bare Foot running versus running in shoes. Continue reading


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