Benefits of Physiotherapy

Knee Pain

With the winter sports season upon us we usually see an increase in knee injuries in the community. Continue reading


Shoulder injuries are notoriously painful. Shoulders are also very important in everyday function of life. Continue reading

The Middle Back

We often hear the low back and neck discussed in relation to back pain. Frequently the middle region of the back which is called the thoracic spine is neglected. Continue reading

Adolescent Back Pain

Back pain in adolescents is very common. There are a number of reasons for this. The most important thing is to recognise that the problem is real and that help can often be very easy. Occasionally the problem is more significant. Diagnosing and dealing with this reality is also important. Continue reading

Brain and Muscle Rehabilitation

In the last few years there has been alot of research and interest in the brain and it’s effects on the body. Continue reading


Information on headaches and neck pain written by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Physio for You 2011 Headaches

Arthritic Knees

Osteoarthritis (O.A.) is a degenerative joint disease and one of the ten most disabling diseases in develpoed countries. It is estimated that 15% of Australians have arthritis and of these people, 51 % have O.A. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Health Survey 2004-2005). Arthritis is a major cause of pain, disability and health care use. The costs associated with ingoing care of people with OA are very high. Continue reading

Physiotherapy Gets the Tick

Consumer rights advocacy group “Choice” recently surveyed 770 members who had experienced back pain in the previous 12 months and sought treatment for pain. Physiotherapy cmae out as the most effective form of treatment for back pain with 79% of members reporting they were satisfied with the treatment they received. Continue reading


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