Hip Pain

Pain around the outside of the hip region is extremely common and more common in the older population. Traditionally this pain is referred to as trochanteric bursitis and often poorly managed with people being told it is part of the aging process and given injections trying to help. This approach ignores the vital question of why someone has pain and frequently leads to poor outcomes.

Typically pain in the outside of the hip develops when there is a weakness in… Continue reading

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints and yet, it is the most poorly understood and treated. People often believe nothing can be done to help. For some people their pain is mild, but for others it can be debilitating. Too frequently people end up stopping doing the things they love or need to do because of their back. Not participating in activities because of your back can become your new normal, as can taking medications and resting to cope. This scenario can have a significant personal, social and economic impact on your life. Continue reading

Children Studying

Children spend a large part of their day sitting at school, university and home as they study. Most sit at desks but others sit in bed and on the lounges to work. At times they will sit for many hours at a time. It is common to worry whether they are damaging themselves by the way they are sitting. Continue reading

Balance Control

It is easy to take balance for granted when we are young and have good balance. By the time we reach old age, poor balance is common. In the older population we see people walking slowly with caution, holding the railings and generally limiting activities because they feel unstable. These people risk falling and increase their risk of fractures. Continue reading

Physio research in media

Many of you will have been aware of recent coverage looking at the relative benefits of Physiotherapy compared to surgery for back pain and for knee pain. Similar findings are shown in some shoulder injuries. Numerous studies now show that too frequently people end up having surgery with the misplaced assumption that changes seen on X-ray are the cause of the pain and therefore removing or modifying this structure will fix the pain. Continue reading

Understanding how to lift safely

A common misconception is that the human spine is weak and as a result, we should avoid heavy or repeated lifting. In fact the spine is a robust and flexible structure that can withstand significant load. As with other areas of the body, loading strengthens the back. When we avoid using our backs or spend a lot of time being sedentary, our muscles and discs weaken and as a result we are more likely to injure ourselves. Continue reading

Sleeping well

We all know we feel much better after a good night’s sleep. Sleep is important for refreshing and restoring the function of our brain and body.

If pain is interfering with your ability to sleep well, we tend to blame our bed or pillow. For this reason, physiotherapists often get asked what the best position to sleep or what is the best bed or pillow. If you sleep in a different bed with a different pillow and your pain or restlessness that night is the same, your sleep will not be fixed by purchasing a better bed or pillow. Continue reading

Why does it hurt?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you can do dramatic things and have no lasting pain? At other times seemingly small incidents gradually build, sometimes spread and can cause more pain or stiffness than you would expect. This presentation is remarkably common. Continue reading

Your Core Stability

Are you one of those people who has subscribed to the recent mantra regarding building your core to prevent or fix your back? Working on your core has become the ‘thing’ to do in the last few years, and so many people do this with the intention of helping themselves. Unfortunately, the original research regarding the role of the core – and the current way of training the core – are not the same. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution

Many of us use the holiday period to think about what we want to achieve for 2018. Being fit and active is a common goal because of the well known general health benefits. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we don’t want to see pain and discomfort preventing you achieving your goals. Continue reading


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