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Back pain is one of the most common issues experienced, with an estimated 1/4 of the population reporting back pain on any one day. of these, 25% suffer pain that keeps them off work for an average of 10 days per year, costing approximately $4.8 billion in health care. With these sort of figures you would expect every practitioner treating back pain would be delivering the highest quality treatment and advice.

Recent research by the George Institute shows that despite a lot of good research into the best ways of managing back pain, much advice and treatment is incorrect. For most people, X-rays are of no benefit in diagnosing or determining treatment options for people with low back pain, yet they are frequently ordered as a starting point once people present with pain.

Physiotherapists have been shown to be amongst the best practitioners at following the latest clinical guidelines for the assessment and management of back pain. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our quality of service, our years of experience in managing back pain and our commitment to  keeping up to date with the latest research.

Published in “The Village Observer”, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.