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Many of you would have read some of the recent articles on Bare Foot running versus running in shoes.

While some people get very emotional about the issue, the bottom line is both groups are trying to reduce injuries from running. The “shoe people” say the shoe is designed to reduce injuries. The problem is there is no evidence that fancier shoes are reducing overall injuries. The “no shoe people” say this is the way we were designed to run and if we all ran so  we landed on the front part of our feet we would naturally absorb all the load in our muscles. This is the way the famous African distance runners have always run.

The easiest way to try “Bare Foot Running” is to increase your cadence to over 180 foot strikes per minute, lift your feet up quickly rather than letting them trail behind you and you will find you tend to land on the front of your feet rather than on your heel. Don’t be surprised if initially your calves get very sore, this is because these muscles are working very hard. Start by adding some walking to your running if you fatigue. If you desire, later you can then try running without shoes.

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Article published in “The Village Observer” , December 2012, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.