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Back pain is one of the most common issues people face in daily life. For people experiencing back pain there is often fear that it will become life changing. In reality for most people, pain will not have any long term problems.

So what should you do? Many people will seek medical advice, get an x-ray or an MRI and then go from there. If something shows on the x-ray or MRI this can easily become the focus of ongoing worry and possibly even of ongoing care. This is frquently problematic as degenerative changes to joints and discs are a normal part of the aging process and have repeatedly been shown to be a poor predictor of pain. Similarly, no one is totally symmetrical in their spine. Finding a slight scoliosis or extra vertebra does not tell us anything about pain or future problems with a back.

Assessing your pain and your ability to move,  then addressing your pain and mobility is the most effective way to get you moving freely again. This is what our physiotherapists can do for you to get you moving.

Published in “The Village Observer”, May, 2013. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.