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Back pain is a common complaint. It is often said that 90% of people will experience back pain in their life. For some people this will be mild and short lived, for others their back pain can be more significant.

Back pain can have significant effect on people’s lives in the severity of pain and also in fear of movement, concern about the future with regards to work and play as well as pre concieved ideas about back pain. 

It is common for people to believe that there is something structurally wrong with their back that is yet to be detected. This can lead to a search for more fancy tests and more visits to find the perfect person who at last will be able to find, then fix what everyone else has failed to find. The reality is there is a lot that can be done to help improve your pain, whatever the cause.

When we assess back pain, we are interested in working with you to help restore pain free movement so you can have confidence to move, work and play. We will help you understand your pains and work with you towards reaching your goals.

Published in “The Village Observer”,  August, 2106. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.