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Both acute pain (less than two month’s duration) and chronic pain (greater than two month’s duration) are very real. Both can be mild, moderate or severe in nature. All pains are processed in the brain, but that does not mean you are weak or wimpish in the brain because you have pain. Unfortunately the saying “your pain is all in your brain” can be easily misconceived this way.Acute pain has a protective role in telling us to be cautious so that we don’t damage ourselves. For example, putting your hand near a hot stove tells you to move your hand so as to not get burnt. Chronic pain is less about a warning sign and is much more complicated. Treatment, management and understanding of both types of pain is constantly being improved as a result of research around the world. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we treat people with all types of pain that adversely affects their quality of life every day. Our years of experience and attention to ongoing research means we can help both acute and chronic forms of pain and improve most people’s functions that have been limited by pain.