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New Year’s Resolution

Many of us use the holiday period to think about what we want to achieve for 2018. Being fit and active is a common goal because of the well known general health benefits. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we don’t want to see pain and discomfort preventing you achieving your goals. Continue reading

Opiods and Pain management

Medications containing Codeine are been widely used around the world for pain management. Unfortunately these medications are causing a variety of problems. These include being highly addictive and increasing the bodies sensitivity to pain. Ultimately the user’s pain becomes worse from use the use of Codeine. For this reason from 1st February 2018 these medications containing Codeine will no longer be available as over the counter medications. Medications such as Panadeine, Nurofen Plus, Mersyndol and Codral all contain Codeine. Continue reading

Your Quality of Life

We are all at our happiest when we can do the activities we need and want to do in life happily without pain or stiffness stopping or limiting us. Many people think that Physiotherapists only deal with severe pain. This is not the case. Continue reading

Protecting Your Back

We are often told to protect our backs. This assumes that backs are in some way weak compared to the rest of our bodies. People feel if they use their backs they may ‘slip a disc’ or they may damage it in some way. The result being, people feel they need to brace or be careful with their movements. However, if we look at what sports people and weight lifters do with their backs, we can see how strong and flexible backs can be. Their backs don’t stop them from performing at high levels over many years. Continue reading

Choose Physio

You may have heard the recent Physiotherapy ads highlighting the benefits of modern Physiotherapy in getting Australians of all ages and ability moving freely in work and play. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a not so active person, an adult or a child, Physiotherapy can make a difference to your quality of life. Many people put up with pain, rely on painkilling medications to get through a day and reduce what they do in life because they are unaware of what help is available from Physiotherapy. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we are interested in working with you to get the best outcomes possible. Continue reading

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is the term used to describe pain on the outside region of an elbow. Pain on the inside is called golfers elbow and is less common.  Sometimes the pain is very localised but it can spread into the muscles in the forearm. Although tennis and golf can cause these pains, more frequently elbow pains are found in people who perform repeated movements involving the wrist and arm. Continue reading

Arthritic Knees

When we think of arthritic knees, we tend to think age related pain, disability and ultimately knee replacement surgery. People often blame past running or loading for causing the arthritis. If only it was so simple! In fact, running for 30 minutes and squatting activities that load knees are helpful because they assist with muscle strength, joint lubrication and reduce inflammation. Continue reading

School children and backpacks

With the beginning of the school year, parents often get concerned about the weight of children’s school backpacks and whether they are damaging their child’s backs. Over time backpacks have changed and many have compartments allowing heavy items to be close to the spine. Putting the heavy books close to the spine reduces the drag of the backpack. Continue reading

Neck / Shoulder Tension

Lots of people suffer from tightness in the neck shoulder region when sitting at their desks. Typically, it worsens with increased time and stress at the desk. Often some massage or a hot pack will give some short-term relief but not long term relief.

At this time of year many people find this pain and tightness has reduced with holiday time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your neck/shoulder tightness away?

Continue reading

Bone Health

Bones are one of those bits in our body we usually don’t think much about. It is easy to think of them as being a bit like steel rods that hold our bodies upright and are moved by the actions of our muscles. They also encase vital structures such as our brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs. What people easily forget is that bone is living tissue. Bones, like muscles, get stronger when we load them. Continue reading


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